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During our outreaches in Mumbai & surrounding cities, we’ve been getting exposed to the needs of the Red Light Areas. More specifically focusing on the children of the Victims of Human Trafficking.

These innocent children are constantly been bombarded with all the evil influence, sexual immorality, prostitution around them… none are concerned for their future, it’s in question and in darkness…

After much of surveying we began ‘HOPE Centre’ in the red light area of Turbhe, Navi Mumbai for these children, focusing to bring educational & moral awareness and reach their mothers and in turn aim the transformation of the red light community! 

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Presently we are concentrating on 3 red light areas in Mumbai we are ministering to 120+ children every day.
We teach and feed them proper nutritious meals every day.
We believe that through these acts of compassion, we can reach out to the children, the red light community, and the neighboring slum families.

The monthly financial budget for this project is Rs. 75,000 / $1400 / €1000, which includes the feeding, staff & logistic expenses.

Need to construct the premises of the HOPE Centre(44ft x 33ft)...
approx. cost Rs. 35,00,000 / $65000 / €50000 (for a Ground + one floor with tarrace building)

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