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Supporting Widows(pure religion… the Bible - Jm 1:27): making a difference in the lives of widows, an extended hand of mutual help means lot to them, helping to live with dignity!

Educational scholarships: providing educational assistance to the needy, poor & deserving students.

Women Empowerment: empowering underprivileged women through the ‘Stitching Training Programmes and Small Savings Groups…
A micro-business loan project: In order to overcome poverty, one needs to be self-reliant. We want to see people be able to come out of poverty line. A small business loan, can play an important role to start some well earning business. With the Lord’s blessings and proper guidance they can come up in life.
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for all the beneficiaries of micro-business loan project, to be able to do well and come up in life. for financial grants of Rs.50000 / $1000 / €650 for the micro-business loan project.

for finances required to support poor widows with monthly provisions of at least Rs.750 /
$15 / €10 each…

for scholarship support required for the educational assistance to the needy children,
Rs. 5000 / $120 / €70 per student for annually.
For 12 Stitching machines for per unit, each machine costs Rs.5000 / $90 / €65

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