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We aspire to build a "City of HOPE"!, Which will be a place of refuge for every destitute person, where the genuine love, shown in action, will bring HOPE into hopeless lives!

It will be in the outskirts of Navi Mumbai, in the distance of about 30 kms. It needs a minimum of 30 acres of land. 
This will be...
a Home for thousands of orphans,
a CARE Home for the HIV+ orphan children.
a Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Human Trafficking & their innocent children.
a Home for widows
an Old Age Home for the deprived old people.
a Terminal Care Centre for the terminally ill patients of AIDS & Cancer.
a Vocational Training Programme to create self-reliance.
a place for educational, moral, spiritual upliftment.

YOUR SUPPORT will fulfill this vision!
We need "1000 MISSION FRIENDS" to see this a reality!
i.e. 1000 MFs x $50 x 60 Months = City of HOPE

Please come forward & partner with us to build the “City of HOPE” !
You will be more blessed as you become a blessing to others…

Be sure your involvement is going to make a tremendous impact to our generation and many generations to come


Please enroll to be a MISSION FRIEND & make a ONCE-IN-LIFE financial committment of Rs. 2500 / $ 50 / €35 for the next 5 years (60 months).
Please make a One-time Donation of Rs / $ / € …………..
Please find the project report of the "City of HOPE"
For further details / suggestions please contact us.

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