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Twenty years after the first case of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome was reported, HIV/AIDS has developed into a devastating global epidemic.

The rapid spread of HIV/AIDS in India is a cause for great and increasing concern. In the growing scenario of HIV+ affected families… the little children are left behind, as the parents die of AIDS… the tragedy is if the precautions weren’t taken, small children are infected with HIV+ since birth without any fault of them…

And so, knowing the child being HIV+, in most cases, none in the relatives would come forward to care for such a child and this leaves this child with tremendous of rejection… fear… loneliness… starvation and ultimately death?
Our hearts are burdened to respond to this need!

We want to have ‘CARE Home’, which would provide this innocent little lives with touch of love… compassionate hug… genuine care!

We do believe even if they’ve to die, it won’t be a death of loneliness… they would have love, acceptance & dignity!

Please stand with us for this very challenging & urgent need!

financial support required for the monthly expenses(boarding, lodging, medical treatment etc.)… Rs. 75000 / $1400 / €1000 a month.

YES! I want to make a Diffrence

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