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(House of HOPE)

Encountering the children from broken families and the devastated situations of the orphans, living on streets, without any hope for a future... birthed a vision & burdened our hearts to react to the need to touch and care for such lives with the love!

There are countless such, living on streets, begging for survival, struggling for life. Many are abused, forced into child-labor, begging, misused for criminal activities and thus end up into criminalism, prostitution, way-ward lifestyles, living without hope...


Project "ASHALAYA" House of HOPE) Children's Home is an action plan. These are in small units of a family based environment, where the children are not only fed and provided with shelter but also find a Home of their own; where they are cared for, loved and reformed; where they find meaning for life and HOPE for their future!

Every child is looked after with personal care. Since this is in small units of 12 children in a Home, it provides the personal attention required for the child.

They are been well educated and cared for to become dignified persons in the society. And so this project, "ASHALAYA"(House of HOPE) Children's Home, is making a difference in the lives of every child it ministers to. It will accomplish the vision of the RHM, “ bring HOPE in the hopeless lives!"

Presently we are running a unit of “ASHALAYA” with 73 children in our care.

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visit us at:


A-37, Sector 12,
near Petrol Pump/Honda Service Centre,
Kharghar, Navi Mumbai - 410210, MH, INDIA


The monthly financial budget for the orphanage is Rs. 1,50,000 / $2750 / €2000, which includes all the expenses, i.e. lodging, boarding, educational etc…

Support ASHALAYA with Rs 2500 / $50 / €35 a month

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